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GHOST Anti Theft System with Bluetooth Function Install the GHOST Connect app on your smartphone and take control of your car! Highlights: Automatic activation / deactivation Service mode on / off Multiple paring with other vehicles Bypass/ Fail safe mode Operating mode: - Simply connect your smartphone to your GHOST Anti Theft System - Tap and hold " disconnected " tab to select your GHOST - Enter in the 4 digit code that you have been provided with to unlock the GHOST - Activate or deactivate the GHOST ( Red button=Activated / Green button=Deactivated ) Get your GHOST Anti Theft System online at www.ghostsa.co.za or our local fitment centres country wide. For all modern vehicles from 2005 - onwards. This app is available only for GHOST Systems equipped with the Bluetooth function. Compatibility may vary depending on the smartphone.

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Best vehicle security and anti-theft App. If they steal it, they can start it but the accelerator is disabled unless you have the smartphone with the App within the vicinity of the car. Highly recommended for anyone driving a vehicle that they can't afford to lose! Great product!

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